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Call 1 to 50 workers in 5 minutes. From $ 6 \ hour.

*The offer is relevant for Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Finland.
About service
WorkHands is an online service for companies using manual labor, which allows for a fixed cost to hire temporary labor for any unskilled work. Payment for work occurs by bank transfer through the service.
What do we offer?
We can solve your problems with staff if you carry out:
Land works
Road works
Civil works
Territory cleaning
Movers & dock work
Demolition work
Finishing works
Other simple works
We guarantee the arrival of the required number of workers at the exact time, the right place and in adequate condition.

We are always on the client side

Own base of workers
At the service of 9000+ workers, ready to respond to your order at any time of the day or night.
All workers have permits
We check the availability of all permits from our staff.
From order to work 8 hours
Our processing and distribution technology allows you to assemble a team of workers in 60 minutes.
Here and now
We provide on-demand service - all conditions are known in advance and transparent to all parties to the transaction.
Order and manage online
We offer our customers real-time monitoring of the process of selecting employees and executing orders through the Work Hands mobile application*.
* To connect a personal account of a legal entity, contact the sales department.
Among our clients are large developers, retail chains, trading and manufacturing companies and other organizations using manual labor.
Get a cooperation offer at a discount.
We clarify the need and discuss all the conditions.
We conclude a contract, fix the conditions and cost.
The right amount of personnel arrives at the client's site and performs work.
We provide a complete package of closing documents.
Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Moscow, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, 13/18
Phone: +7 925 716 48 23
E-mail: info@handswork.net
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